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As a teen, I visited nearly every sex store in the New York metropolitan area trying to discover what would tickle my fancy in ways that my perpetually stoned boyfriend didn't. Skip to main content. Also, since it requires no batteries, you can plug it in right next to your iPod dock for a neat conversation starter at parties. My very cool gynecologist, whose waiting room is full of gossip magazines and a TV that's always playing "Iron Man," explained the following to me: But remember to put a condom on it to avoid STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

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Anabelle is a writer hailing from paradise aka Victoria, BC.

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An Approved List of Things That Can Go Into Your Vagina

Tell me about what is in your vagina instead! Share Tweet Pin Share. Of course, few women would actually consider inserting things like loaded guns and fireworks inside their vaginas. Prior to having my IUD put in, I had been taking various birth control pills for over a decade and had grown tired of my boobs feeling like anvils strapped to my chest. To mediate this risk, many doctors would tell patients that they could only get one if they already had children, assuming that this would be a good indicator that they were in monogamous relationship, and thus less likely to contract an STD, and wouldn't be super-bummed if they were no longer able to pop out babies. This includes silicone, body-safe metal alloys like titanium, aluminum blends, stainless steel, glass and properly sealed ceramic and wood.

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